IRIS FailSafe Administrator's Guide

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About This Guide
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1. Overview of the IRIS FailSafe System
What Is High Availability?
What Is IRIS FailSafe?
Hardware Components of an IRIS FailSafe Cluster
IRIS FailSafe Software Architecture
Highly Available Resources
Highly Available Applications
The Failover and Recovery Processes
Node States
Overview of Configuring and Testing a New IRIS FailSafe Cluster
Overview of IRIS FailSafe 1.1 for IRIS FailSafe 1.0 Users

2. Planning IRIS FailSafe Configuration
Introduction to Configuration Planning
NFS Filesystem Configuration
Netscape Server Configuration
Disk Configuration
Logical Volume Configuration
Filesystem Configuration
Network Interface and IP Address Configuration
Serial Port Configuration

3. Configuring Nodes for IRIS FailSafe
Overview of Configuring Nodes for IRIS FailSafe
Installing Required Software
Setting NVRAM Variables
Creating XLV Logical Volumes and XFS Filesystems
Configuring Interfaces
Configuring the Serial Port
Configuring NFS Filesystems
Configuring a Netscape Server
Configuring IRIS FailSafe On

4. Creating the IRIS FailSafe Configuration File
A Note About Configuration File Formats and Their Versions
Creating a Configuration File
The Blocks in the Configuration File
Wsync Filesystem Options
Monitoring Frequency Parameters

5. Testing IRIS FailSafe Configuration
Testing the Serial Connections
Testing the Private Network
Testing the Public Network Interfaces
Testing Volumes
Testing Filesystems
Testing NFS Configuration
Testing Netscape Server Configuration
Testing System Behavior with IRIS FailSafe Running

6. Administering IRIS FailSafe
Starting IRIS FailSafe
Shutting Down IRIS FailSafe
Tips for Administering IRIS FailSafe Nodes
Educating the User Community About IRIS FailSafe
Getting Information About Interfaces
Getting a Node's State
Getting Cluster Information
Moving a Node From Standby State to Normal or Degraded State
Moving a Node from Normal State to Standby State
Moving a Node from Degraded State to Standby State
Moving a Node From Controlled Failback State to Normal State
Moving a Node From Controlled Failback State to Standby State
Moving Heartbeat Messages to the Private Network

7. Upgrading an IRIS FailSafe Cluster
Choosing the Correct Upgrade Procedure
Upgrade Procedure A
Upgrade Procedure B
Upgrade Procedure C

8. Performing Simple Hardware Maintenance
Replacing the Serial Cable
Replacing the Private Network Cable When hb-public-ipname Is Set
Replacing the Private Network Cable When hb-public-ipname Is Not Set
Replacing Batteries in the Remote Power Control Unit

A. Messages About Configuration File Errors

B. System Troubleshooting
General Troubleshooting Procedure
IRIS Failsafe System Does Not Start
Duplicate SCSI IDs
Trouble Accessing a Network Interface
Trouble Accessing a Node Over the Network
Trouble With the Serial Connection
Trouble With Volumes
Trouble Mounting Filesystems
Trouble Accessing a Filesystem Over NFS
Netscape Server Warning Messages at Startup
Netscape Server Not Responding
Netscape Daemons Not Responding to Monitoring
Failover Script Failures
ha_admin Times Out
Error Message from ha_statd
False Failovers
Errors Logged to /var/adm/SYSLOG