Diskless Workstation Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-0855-030

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Table of Contents

Using This Guide
Product Requirements
Summary of Contents
The Audience for This Guide
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1. Understanding Diskless Operation
The Diskless Client-Server Model
The Diskless Tree
The Influence of Client Classes

2. Preparing for Installation
Obtaining a Software Distribution
Checking a Server
Checking a Client
Assigning Internet Addresses
Planning the Diskless Tree
Working with Diskless Software
Overview of the Installation Procedure

3. Creating a Share Tree
The Share Tree Configuration File
Creating a Working Copy of the Share Tree File
Editing the Share Tree File
Executing the Share Tree File
Installing the Share Tree

4. Creating Client Trees
The Client Tree Configuration File
Creating a Working Copy of the Client Tree File
Editing the Client Tree File
Executing the Client Tree File
Installing the Client and Swap Trees
Booting the Client Workstation

5. Updating Software on Diskless Trees
Points to Keep in Mind
Updating a Share Tree
Updating Client Trees
Updating New Client Trees
Adding Software Options

6. Maintaining Diskless Implementations
Removing a Client Tree
Removing a Share Tree
Changing the Size of the Swap Space
Setting Up a Local Disk
Moving a Client to a Different Server
Converting a Client to a Standalone Workstation

7. Troubleshooting Diskless Installations
General Approach to Troubleshooting
Compensating for EPROM Hardware
Troubleshooting Checklist
Installation Error Messages
Removing a Diskless Class Manually
Debugging the Boot Process
Handling Performance Problems
Before You Call for Help

A. Determining the Client Architecture
Using the Hardware Inventory Command
Using the Workstation Model Number