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Figure 1-1. ClearCase Storage Registries
Figure 1-2. Client-Server Processing
Figure 2-1. VOB Database and VOB Storage Pools
Figure 2-2. Local and Remote VOBStorage Pools
Figure 3-1. ClearCase Object and Tag Registries (Single Network Region)
Figure 3-2. Network with Global Naming
Figure 3-3. Network Regions and Their Tag Registries
Figure 4-1. Establishing a User's Group Assignments
Figure 4-2. Multiple-Group Support for VOBs and Views
Figure 4-3. The .identity Directory of a VOB or View
Figure 4-4. Planning Access to Development Sources
Figure 4-5. Data Access Paths
Figure 4-6. `Read' Access through Group Membership
Figure 4-7. `Write' Access through Group Membership
Figure 6-1. Linking Multiple VOBs Into a Single Directory Tree
Figure 7-1. Export View for Non-ClearCase Access
Figure 7-2. Avoiding Access Cycles in Non-ClearCase Access
Figure 8-1. Viewroot Directory as a Super-Root
Figure 10-1. Controlling VOB Growth
Figure 18-1. ClearCase Storage Registry
Figure 18-2. cleartool Commands and the ClearCase Storage Registry
Figure 18-3. Sample Network with Two Regions