CASEVision™/ClearCase Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-1774-020

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Table of Contents

1. Administrator's View of a ClearCase Network
Network Overview
ClearCase Hosts
ClearCase Data Storage
ClearCase User Base
Registries for VOBs and Views
ClearCase Client-Server Processing
ClearCase Startup and Shutdown

2. ClearCase Data Storage
Versioned Object Bases (VOBs)
VOB Database
VOB Storage Pools
Default, Local, and Remote Storage Pools
Elements' Source Pool Assignments
Commands for Working with Storage Pools
View Database
View's Private Storage Area

3. Network-Wide Access to ClearCase Data
Storage Directories and Access Paths
Storage Registries
Object Registries
Tag Registries
Network-Wide Accessibility of VOBs and Views
Network Regions
Recording Multiple Network Interfaces
ClearCase Data and Non-ClearCase Hosts
Using automount with ClearCase

4. User-Level Access to ClearCase Data
Users: Usernames and Groups
Network-Wide ClearCase Administrator
VOBs and Views: Owner and Groups
Example: Two VOBs and Two User Groups
Access to Individual File System Objects
How Processes Access ClearCase Data
ClearCase-Level Access Permissions

5. ClearCase User Licensing Scheme
Floating License Architecture

6. Setting Up ClearCase VOBs
Selecting a VOB Host
Planning for One or More VOBs
Modifying a VOB Host for ClearCase
Creating a New VOB
Coordinating the New VOB with Existing VOBs
Populating a VOB with Data

7. Setting Up ClearCase Views
Setting Up an Individual User's View
Setting Up a Shared View
Setting Up an Export View for Non-ClearCase Access

8. Preventing Accidental Deletion of Data by crontab Entries
Preventing Recursive Traversal of `/'
Preventing Accidental Deletion of the Lock Manager Socket

9. Data Backup: VOBs and Views
Backup Tools
Backing Up a VOB
Backing Up a VOB with Remote Storage Pools
Restoring a VOB from Backup
Backing Up a View
Restoring a View from Backup

10. Periodic Maintenance of the Data Repository
VOB Storage Maintenance
View Storage Maintenance
User-Supplied Maintenance Procedures

11. Occasional VOB Maintenance
Moving a VOB (Same Architecture)
Moving a VOB (Different Architecture)
Removing Unneeded Versions from a VOB
Restoring a Single Element From Backup
Creating Additional VOB Storage Pools
Adjusting Storage Pool Scrubbing

12. Occasional View Maintenance
Moving a View (Same Architecture)
Moving a View (Different Architecture)
Moving a View's Private Storage Area
Manual Cleanup of a View

13. ClearCase Performance Tuning
Improving VOB Host Performance
Improving Client Host Performance
Reconfiguring a View

14. Making a VOB or View Inaccessible
Alternative to VOB Deactivation
Taking a VOB Out of Service
Taking a View Out of Service
Permanent Removal of a VOB or View

15. Determining a Data Container's Location
Determining the ClearCase Status of Files
Determining the Full UNIX Pathnames of Files
Where is the VOB?
Where is the View?
Where are the Individual Files?

16. Adjusting the ClearCase Startup/Shutdown Script
Name of Startup/Shutdown Script
Changing VOB Mounts to “Release 1 Style”
Changing Dynamic Loading of the MVFS

17. Adjusting ClearCase License Information

18. Adjusting ClearCase Registry Information
Registry Review
Adding a Network Region
Moving a Host to a New Network Region
Removing a Network Region
Registry-Related Guidelines

19. Changing the Location of Network-Wide Resources
Changing the Location of the Release Area
Renaming the Release Host
Moving Licenses to Another Host and Renaming a License Server Host
Moving the ClearCase Registry
Renaming the Registry Server Host
Renaming a ClearCase Host