Chapter 5. ClearCase User Licensing Scheme

On Silicon Graphics platforms, ClearCase licensing is handled through NetLS. Refer to Chapter 7 of the CASEVision/ClearCase Release Notes to learn more about ClearCase licensing. Read the NetWork License System Administration Guide to learn more about NetLS.

Floating License Architecture

ClearCase implements an “active user” floating license scheme. To use ClearCase, a user must obtain a license, which grants the privilege to use ClearCase commands and data on any number of hosts in the local area network. When a user runs a ClearCase program, it attempts to obtain a license. If it gets one, the user can keep it for an extended period: entering any ClearCase command automatically renews it; but if the user doesn't enter any ClearCase command for a substantial period—by default 60 minutes—another user can take the license.