SGI® OpenGL Volumizer 2 Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-4389-010

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1. Overview
What Is OpenGL Volumizer 2?
Supported Platforms
Product Components

2. Getting Started
Basic Concepts
Sample Volume Rendering Application

3. The OpenGL Volumizer API
Base Classes
Shape-Related Classes
Rendering Classes
Error Reporting

4. Texture Mapping Render Action
Volume Rendering Using 3D Texture Mapping
Algorithm Used by TMRenderAction
Volume Rendering Using TMRenderAction
A Closer Look at TMRenderAction

5. Custom Volumetric Shading
Multipass, Callback-Based Shaders
Hardware-Specific, GPU-Based Shaders

6. The Large-Data API: 3D Clip Textures
Problems in Large-Data Visualization
3D Clip Textures
Clip Texture Representation: Class vzParameterClipTexture
Clip Texture Rendering: Class vzClipRenderAction
Visualization Pipeline for the Large-Data API

7. Irregular Grids: The Projected Tetrahedra Render Action
The Projected Tetrahedra Render Action
Rendering Using PTRenderAction
Volumetric Geometry
Plot3D Loaders

8. OpenGL Volumizer File Loader
The OpenGL Volumizer Shape Loader
A Simple Code Example
Related Classes
The Volume Data Description Language

9. Advanced Topics
Integration with Other Toolkits
Using Multiple Graphics Pipes