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Table 1-1. SGI 1400 Server Physical Specifications
Table 1-2. Chassis Features Summary
Table 2-1. Processor Board Features
Table 2-2. Sample DIMM Component Combinations
Table 2-3. Server Software Security Features
Table 3-1. Configuration Utilities
Table 3-2. Hot Keys
Table 3-3. Setup Menu Control Information
Table 3-4. Restricted Menu Selection and Submenus
Table 3-5. Main Menu Features and Descriptions
Table 3-6. Primary IDE Master and Slave Submenu
Table 3-7. Keyboard Features Submenu
Table 3-8. Advanced Menu Features
Table 3-9. PCI Device, Embedded SCSI Submenu
Table 3-10. PCI Devices Submenu
Table 3-11. I/O Device Configuration Submenu
Table 3-12. Advanced Chipset Control Submenu
Table 3-13. Security Menu
Table 3-14. Server Menu Options
Table 3-15. System Management Submenu
Table 3-16. Console Redirection Submenu
Table 3-17. Boot Menu
Table 3-18. Boot Device Priority Submenu
Table 3-19. Hard Drive Submenu
Table 3-20. Exit Menu
Table 3-21. SEL Viewer Menus
Table 3-22. SDR Manager Menus
Table 3-23. FRU Manager Menus
Table 3-24. EMP Console Access Modes (Server Configured for Console Redirect)
Table 3-25. EMP Console Access Modes (Server Not Configured for Console Redirect)
Table 3-26. FRUSDR Command Line Format
Table 4-1. Port-80 Codes
Table 4-2. POST Error Codes and Messages
Table A-1. Environmental Specifications
Table B-1. Server Physical Specifications