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Figure 1-1. Example Rack with Three Servers and Pedestal Server
Figure 1-2. Front Controls and Indicators
Figure 1-3. Back Controls and Indicators
Figure 1-4. Chassis Side View
Figure 2-1. Processor Board Connector and Component Locations
Figure 2-2. Memory Module DIMM Installation Sequence
Figure 3-1. SSU Main Window
Figure 3-2. SEL Viewer Add-in Main Window
Figure 3-3. SDR Manager Main Window
Figure 3-4. FRU Manager Main Window
Figure 3-5. EMP Console in Command State
Figure 3-6. EMP Console in Redirect State
Figure 3-7. Connect Dialog
Figure 3-8. Power On/Off Dialog
Figure 3-9. Reset Dialog
Figure 3-10. Phonebook Dialog
Figure 5-1. Mounting the Carrier and Heatsink Assembly to the Hard Disk Drive
Figure 5-2. Disengaging Drive Carrier from Chassis
Figure 5-3. Installing a New Drive
Figure 5-4. Removing a Power Supply
Figure B-1. Outer Slide Assembly
Figure B-2. Small Bar of the Slide Assembly
Figure B-3. Center Bar and Large Outer Bar Assembly
Figure B-4. Right-angle Bracket and Vertical Rail
Figure B-5. Installing the Server in the Rack