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Table 2-1. VRM and Processor Power Sequence
Table 2-2. Processor and VRM Population Sequencing
Table 4-1. Main Power Connector Pinouts
Table 4-2. Auxiliary Power Connector Pinouts
Table 4-3. Diskette Drive Connector Pinouts
Table 4-4. Front Panel Connector Pinouts
Table 4-5. Server Management Module Connector Pinouts
Table 4-6. IPMB Connector Pinouts
Table 4-7. Video Port Connector Pinouts
Table 4-8. Keyboard and Mouse Connector Pinouts
Table 4-9. Parallel Port Connector Pinout
Table 4-10. Serial Port A (External) Connector Pinout
Table 4-11. USB External Connector Pinout
Table 4-12. USB Internal Header Pinout
Table 4-13. Narrow SCSI Connector Pinouts
Table 4-14. Wide SCSI Connector Pinouts
Table 4-15. IDE Connector Pinouts
Table 4-16. Hard Drive LED Connector Pinouts
Table 4-17. ISA Connector Pinouts
Table 4-18. PCI Connector Pinouts
Table 4-19. Baseboard Jumper Summary
Table 4-20. BIOS Recovery Beep Codes
Table 4-21. System I/O Addresses
Table 4-22. Memory Map Address Range
Table 4-23. Interrupt I/O Descriptions
Table 4-24. Standard VGA Modes
Table 4-25. Extended VGA Modes
Table A-1. Equipment Log
Table A-2. Power Usage Worksheet
Table A-3. Power Usage Worksheet (Total Watts)
Table A-4. Add or Remove PCI Boards
Table A-5. ISA Board Definition
Table A-6. Systems Group
Table A-7. Memory Subsystem Group
Table A-8. Onboard Disk Controllers
Table A-9. Onboard Communications Devices
Table A-10. Diskette Drive Subsystems Group
Table A-11. IDE Subsystem Group
Table A-12. Multiboot Group
Table A-13. Keyboard and Mouse Subsystem Group
Table A-14. Console Redirection
Table A-15. Security Subsystems Worksheet
Table A-16. SCSI ROM BIOS Options Group
Table A-17. Management Subsystem Group
Table A-18. Sensor Control Values
Table A-19. Main Menu
Table A-20. Primary Master and Slave Submenu
Table A-21. Keyboard Features Submenu
Table A-22. Advanced Menu
Table A-23. PCI Device, Embedded SCSI Submenu
Table A-24. PCI Devices Submenu
Table A-25. I/O Device Configuration Submenu
Table A-26. Advanced Chipset Control Submenu
Table A-27. Security Menu
Table A-28. Server Menu
Table A-29. System Management Submenu
Table A-30. Console Redirection Submenu
Table A-31. Boot Menu
Table A-32. Boot Device Priority Submenu
Table A-33. Hard Drive Submenu
Table B-1. Environmental Specifications