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Figure 1-1. Removing the Access Cover
Figure 1-2. Opening the Subchassis and Electronics Bay
Figure 1-3. Installing a PCI option Board
Figure 1-4. Removing the Front Panel Board
Figure 1-5. Removing the Diskette Drive from the Chassis
Figure 1-6. IDE Cable Dimensions
Figure 1-7. Removing EMI Shields
Figure 1-8. Snap-in Plastic Slide Rails
Figure 1-9. Removing a Removable Media Device
Figure 1-10. SCSI-B Cable Installation
Figure 1-11. Removing the Fan Assembly
Figure 1-12. Fan Cabling
Figure 1-13. Chassis Side View
Figure 1-14. Removing the Existing Board and Bracket Assembly
Figure 1-15. Removing the Existing Board from its Bracket
Figure 1-16. Attaching the New Board to its Bracket
Figure 1-17. Installing the New Board and Bracket Assembly
Figure 2-1. Removing the Baseboard
Figure 2-2. Removing the Memory Module
Figure 2-3. Installing a DIMM
Figure 2-4. Releasing the Retention Module Bracket
Figure 2-5. Removing a Processor
Figure 2-6. Installing a Processor
Figure 2-7. Installing Tabs on a Processor S.E.C. Cartridge
Figure 2-8. Installing a Heatsink on a Processor S.E.C. Cartridge
Figure 2-9. Processor and Corresponding VRM Locations
Figure 2-10. Installing a VRM
Figure 2-11. Replacing the Lithium Battery
Figure 3-1. Chassis Side View
Figure 3-2. Removing the Backplane from the Chassis
Figure 3-3. Aligning and Attaching the Backplane
Figure 3-4. Reconnecting Cables to the New Backplane
Figure 4-1. Baseboard Layout
Figure 4-2. Main Power Connector Pins
Figure 4-3. Auxiliary Power Connector
Figure 4-4. Diskette Drive Connector
Figure 4-5. Front Panel Connector
Figure 4-6. Server Management Module (SMM) Connector
Figure 4-7. The IPMB Connector
Figure 4-8. VGA Video Port Connector
Figure 4-9. Keyboard and Mouse Connector
Figure 4-10. Parallel Port Connector
Figure 4-11. Serial Port A (External) Connector
Figure 4-12. USB External Connector
Figure 4-13. Narrow SCSI Connector
Figure 4-14. Wide SCSI Connector
Figure 4-15. Internal IDE Connector
Figure 4-16. Hard Drive LED Connector
Figure 4-17. Baseboard Jumpers