Appendix C. Chassis Warnings and Safety

The following sections contain general chassis and power related safety warnings.

Power Warnings

The power supply in this product contains no user-serviceable parts. There may be more than one supply in this product. Servicing is done only by qualified personnel.

Do not attempt to modify or use the supplied AC power cord if it is not the exact type required. A product with more than one power supply will have a separate AC power cord for each supply.

The DC push-button on/off switch on the system does not turn off system AC power. To remove AC power from the system, you must unplug each AC power cord from the wall outlet or power supply.

Cautions When Removing the Chassis Covers

Whenever you remove the chassis covers to access the inside of the system, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off all peripheral devices connected to the system.

  2. Turn off the system by using the push-button on/off power switch on the system.

  3. Unplug all AC power cords from the system or from wall outlets.

  4. Label and disconnect all cables connected to I/O connectors or ports on the back of the system.

  5. Provide some electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection by wearing an antistatic wrist strap attached to chassis ground of the system—any unpainted metal surface—when handling components.

  6. Do not operate the system with the chassis covers removed.

After you have completed the six safety steps above, you can remove the system covers. To do this:

  1. Unlock and remove the padlock from the back of the system if a padlock has been installed.

  2. Remove and save all screws from the covers.

  3. Remove the covers.

    Caution: A microprocessor or heat sink may be hot if the system has been running. Also, there may be sharp pins and edges on some board and chassis parts. Contact should be made with care. Consider wearing protective gloves.

For proper cooling and airflow, always reinstall the chassis covers before turning on the system. Operating the system without the covers in place can damage system parts. To install the covers:

  1. Check first to make sure you have not left loose tools or parts inside the system.

  2. Check that cables, add-in boards, and other components are properly installed.

  3. Attach the covers to the chassis with the screws removed earlier, and tighten them firmly.

  4. Insert and lock the padlock to the system to prevent unauthorized access inside the system.

  5. Connect all external cables and the AC power cord(s) to the system.

    Warning: There is a danger of explosion if the battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Discard used batteries according to manufacturer's instructions.

The system is designed to operate in a typical lab, server room, or office environment. Choose a site that is:

  • Clean and free of airborne particles (other than normal room dust).

  • Well ventilated and away from sources of heat including direct sunlight.

  • Away from sources of vibration or physical shock.

  • Isolated from strong electromagnetic fields produced by electrical devices.

  • In regions that are susceptible to electrical storms, we recommend you plug your system into a surge suppressor and disconnect telecommunication lines to your modem during an electrical storm.

  • Provided with a properly grounded wall outlet.

  • Provided with sufficient space to access the power supply cords, because they serve as the product's main power disconnect.