Appendix B. Reference Pages

This appendix lists reference pages (man pages) that provide information about topics that relate to XFS and XLV. The printed form of this guide includes copies of the reference pages for key utilities and file formats.

All reference pages can be viewed online using the man(1) command. On systems with graphics, they can also be viewed using the xman(1) command or the “Man Pages” item on the Help toolchest.

XFS, XLV, and GRIO Reference Pages

Table B-1 lists reference pages that contain information related to XFS, XLV, and GRIO. For each category of reference pages, the table lists the subsystem that includes these reference pages.

Table B-1. Related Reference Pages


Reference Pages


General information

grio(5), xfs(4), xlv(7M),

XFS utilities

mkfs_xfs(1M), xfs_bmap(1M), xfs_check(1M), xfs_estimate(1M), xfs_growfs(1M), xfs_logprint(1M), xfsdump(1M), xfsrestore(1M)

XLV utilities

lv_to_xlv(1M), xlv_assemble(1M), xlv_make(1M), xlv_set_primary(1M), xlv_shutdown(1M)

XLV daemons

xlv_labd(1M), xlv_plexd(1M), xlvd(1M)

GRIO utility and daemon

cfg(1M), ggd(1M)

GRIO library routines

grio_get_rtgkey(3X), grio_remove_request(3X), grio_request(3X), grio_use_rtgkey(3X)

GRIO file formats

grio_config(4), grio_disks(4)

Standard utilities and files that have been modified for use with XFS and XLV

Add_disk(1), bru(1), cpio(1), df(1), find(1), fx(1M), mkfs(1M), mount(1M), od(1), tar(1), fstab(4)

System calls that are new or have been extended for use with XFS

fcntl(2), fstat64(2), ftruncate64(2), getrlimit64(2), lseek64(2), lstat64(2), mmap64(2), mount(2), setrlimit64(2), stat64(2), syssgi(2), truncate64(2)

New library routines

aio_cancel64(3), aio_error64(3), aio_read64(3), aio_return64(3), aio_sgi_init(3), aio_sgi_init64(3), aio_suspend64(3), aio_write64(3), lio_listio64(3), fd_to_handle(3X), fgetpos64(3S), free_handle(3X), fseek64(3S), fsetpos64(3S), ftell64(3S), ftw64(3C), handle_to_fshandle(3X), nftw64(3C), open_by_handle(3X), path_to_fshandle(3X), path_to_handle(3X), readlink_by_handle(3X)

New data structure


Reference Pages in This Guide

The printed form of this guide includes the reference pages listed below. The IRIS InSight form of this guide doesn't include these reference pages, but they can be viewed online using man(1), xman(1), or Man Pages on the Help toolchest as described above.

  • cfg(1M)

  • dump(1M)

  • ggd(1M)

  • lv_to_xlv(1M)

  • mkfs(1M)

  • mkfs_xfs(1M)

  • restore(1M)

  • xfs_check(1M)

  • xfs_estimate(1M)

  • xfs_growfs(1M)

  • xfsdump(1M)

  • xfsrestore(1M)xlv_admin(1M)

  • xlv_assemble(1M)

  • xlv_labd(1M), xlv_plexd(1M), xlvd(1M)

  • xlv_make(1M)

  • xlv_set_primary(1M)

  • xlv_shutdown(1M)

  • grio_config(4)

  • grio_disks(4)

  • xfs(4)

  • grio(5)

  • xlv(7M)