Chapter 3. Additional Resources

This chapter provides pointers to various existing resources to help you secure your network.

Note: The lists of references, vendors, and so on is necessarily incomplete, and no mention should be construed as an endorsement by Silicon Graphics.


The following books provide additional information on network configuration and network security.

  • IRIX Advanced Site and Server Administration Guide, Silicon Graphics, This document is available online and can be viewed by using IRIS InSight.

  • Firewalls and Internet Security, Steven Bellovin and William Cheswick, 1994. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-63357-4.

  • Internetworking with TCP/IP, Douglas Comer, second edition, 1991. Prentice-Hall, Inc. ISBN 0-13-468505-9.

  • UNIX System Security, David A. Curry, 1992 Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-201-56327-4.

  • Practical Unix Security, Simson Garfinkle and Eugene Spafford, 1991. O-Reilly & Associates, Inc. ISBN 0-937175-72-2.

Internet Resources

Various resources addressing security are provided on the Internet itself. Pointers (URLs) are provided here rather than including them in full as the material is frequently updated.

Internet resources relating to system and network security include answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from various newsgroups; documents concerning the history, practice, and theory of security; bulletins on new security issues; interactive mailing lists discussing security issues, and so on. Listed below are pointers to some of these resources.

Network Security and Firewalls


    Firewall FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and answers concerning firewalls:


    General UNIX security FAQ.


    Links to a wide variety of security-related resources.


    Ahome page for security issues related to the World Wide Web.

Proxy Servers


    A toolkit for network security including source code for proxys.


    Where to begin for looking into SOCKS proxys. A FAQ, the proxys, and other information are accessible from this URL.

Commercial Products


For information, support, and software for implementing firewall security, contact Trusted Information Systems, Inc.(TIS), 3060 Washington Road, Glenwood, MD, 21738 (301) 854-6889, netsec@TIS.COM. (See also the URL referenced for TIS under Proxy Services above).

Connecting to the Internet

The issues can be complex and confusing when trying to find the best way to connect to the Internet. The WebFORCE Welcome page includes a local link Connecting to the Internet which provides basic information and pointers to help you if you have yet to establish an Internet connection.